Testamentary Searches

Any person interested in knowing whether an individual has any public wills registered in his/her name, can request a search for wills. It is important to note that the certificate of wills will only include a copy of the note registered by the Notary Public who drafted the will. The content of the actual testament will not be available, but only the date when the will was drafted and the name of the Notary Public who drafted it. The content of the will can only be disclosed after the testator has passed away and on the presentation of the death certificate. To obtain the actual will, the client can either go to the Notary Public in question or to the Government’s Notary Public and present the death certificate and the Testamentary Search.

Searches for public wills may be ordered online https://pronline.identitymalta.com or at the Searches Unit Front Office.

Testamentary searches are issued by the Searches Unit within seven (7) working days, and will cost €12.85 whenever the search pre-dates 1972 or €9.00 if it occurred after 1972.