Malta is issuing residence permits to UK citizens currently residing in Malta which will allow them to continue to live, work, and study in Malta as stipulated in the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement and national laws. Such rights will also be extended to their family members, provided that the main beneficiary entered into a relationship other than children prior to 31st December 2020.

UK citizens who arrived in Malta during the transition period (before 31st December 2020) need to apply for their new residency document following three (3) months of their arrival in Malta or before 31st June 2021, whichever is later.

The new residency document, which is a highly secure card printed in a harmonized format established by EU Regulations, is being issued first to those applicants whose existing residence document has expired. In the meantime, all existing cards in circulation remain valid

UK beneficiaries who for some reason have failed to turn up on the indicated dates can still apply by 30th June 2021 by booking an appointment on [email protected].

Subsidiary Legislation 217.25 – particularly Regulation 9 thereof is referred for more information.