EU Nationals

EU Nationals do not need a permit to reside and work in Malta.

The Free Movement of European Union Nationals and their Family Members Order 2007 which transposes the provisions of the European Union Council Directive 2004/38 of the European Parliament, and the Council of 29th April 2004 makes provisions for the implementation and administration of EU and EEA nationals’ right, in exercising their free movement.

Amendments were made to this Order by means of Legal Notice 329 of 2011 and Legal Notice 107 of 2012.

EEA Nationals

European Economic Area (EEA) nationals have the right to reside in Malta when exercising their treaty rights as workers, self-employed persons, economically self-sufficient persons, family members, exempt or students. Such rights may be restricted on the grounds of public policy, public security, public health or if they become an unreasonable burden on Malta’s social assistance system.

Registration Certificate and eResidence Document

If an EU or EEA National intends to reside and/or work in Malta for longer than three (3) months, they are required to register their residence with Identity Malta.  They will be issued with an eResidence document based on their scope of residence in Malta.

Applying for the eResidence Document

Malta has a constitutive system for the issuance of eResidence document and EU and EEA Nationals who will be taking up residence in Malta for longer than three (3) months may register their interest to apply by sending an e-mail to:  [email protected].

The e-mail should contain:

  • name and surname of the applicant;
  • nationality and country of residence prior to coming to Malta;
  • Passport Number;
  • In the case of a renewal or where applicant held previous eResidence document, the residence number (format: 000000A);
  • Purpose of residence in Malta: employment, study, economic self-sufficient, family member.

Identity Malta Agency will reply to such requests within 48 working hours. Applicants will be provided with a URL and a unique code that they may use to select their preferred day and time for their biometrics to be captured. Applicants who wish to change their biometric appointment can do so by accessing the cancellation link in the email they received when they scheduled their initial appointment. Once the appointment is cancelled, they will be able to schedule a new appointment by using the same unique code.

On the day of the appointment, identification is carried out by means of the presentation of an identity card or passport.

Applicants are required to be on time and provide all the documents required in both the original format as well as a copy that will be retained by the Agency.

Click on the applicable Checklist and/or Form hereunder to download :



Documentation requirements

Original documents must be in Maltese or English.

Documents issued by EU Member States that are not in the English language need to be translated into Maltese or English by an authorised translator, a list of which may be accessed from:

Translations of all EU public documents done in Malta by persons registered on the Identity Malta Agency ‘Translators’ List do not require to be apostilled or legalised.

Translations of all EU public documents done in a European Union member state by a translator that can be verified on the EU portal:,  are also accepted by the Expatriates Unit and need not be apostilled or legalised.

If the translator cannot be verified through this list, the translated document must be apostilled or legalised.

Change of Address

Persons residing in Malta are required to inform the competent authorities of a change of address.  In the case of eResidence documents, the competent authority is Identity Malta Agency.

A change of address may be notified via e-mail to: [email protected], indicating:

  • Name and surname;
  • Residence number (format: 000000A);
  • Former and New address.


Identity Malta Agency will respond with a date and time for the biometrics appointment, accompanied by the applicable form that needs to be filled and the list of documents that need to be presented at the time of appointment.


Applying and the issuance of an eResidence document is free of charge to EU and EEA Nationals.

Damaged documents may be replaced against a fee of €16.50.

A lost document may be replaced against the presentation of an official report issued by the Malta Police and against a fee of €22.


The rights regarding any appeal regarding the rights of EU nationals being restricted are available in Subsidiary legislation 460.17. Such appeal may be lodged with:

Immigration Appeals Board,

9/10; 13/14 City Gate,

Valletta ​

Appeals and related submissions concerning residence permits, residence documents and residence statuses must be submitted physically at the premises of the Immigration Appeals Board.

There is no tacit approval or administrative silence arrangements. A person may find recourse regarding an administrative process with the Ombudsman. The Maltese legislation provides for the review of administrative decisions under the provisions of Chapter 12 of the laws of Malta.

Procedure is conducted in English.

Identity Malta Agency

Opening Hours

Expatriates Unit – Malta

Identity Malta operates an appointment system for applicants.  Applicants whose application is approved will be sent communication by Identity Malta with details of appointment or guidelines on setting an appointment, as applicable.

For other cases, where walk-ins are accepted, the opening hours are as follows:

Unit’s Sections Day Opening Time
Single Permit – Live-in Carers Mon–Fri 07:30am – 11:30am
Single Permit – Lost card, change of address, card changes Mon–Fri 07:30am – 11:30am
Single Permit/Non-EU Collection Desk Mon–Fri 07:30am– 01:00pm
EU Collection Desk Mon–Fri 07:30am – 12:00pm
International Humanitarian Protection and SRA Office Mon–Fri 07:30am – 12:30pm

Expatriates Unit – Gozo

By appointment only from Monday to Friday from 08:00AM until 12:30PM.

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