Visa Appeals Procedure

Whenever a visa application is refused, annulled or revoked by the Maltese authorities, the applicant is issued a refusal letter notifying him/her of the reasons of such refusal. 

Applicants who have been refused or have had their visa annulled or revoked, have the right to appeal against such decision to the Immigration Appeals Board within fifteen (15) days of the notification of such decision. Any communication should be in English and addressed to the Immigration Appeals Board as follows: 

The Secretary
Immigration Appeals Board
15, 1st Floor
City Gate Building,
Ordinance Street,

Applicants must submit to the Immigration Appeals Board a copy of the refusal letter and other supporting documents justifying the grounds on which the decision should be reviewed. Such documents must be certified true copies of original by a lawyer or notary. 

The appeal should be sent by registered mail and emailed to [email protected];

Subsequently, the Immigration Appeals Board will notify the person lodging the appeal and the Central Visa Unit with its decision.